Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Colours of Joy !!

The ORANGE BLOSSOM signifies the onset of the spring season and therefore a good reason to smile. Spring comprehends within itself the numerous varieties of flowers that emerge and glow in lovely colours. These tender buds have the capacity to fill our world with fragrance and beauty; incomparable. They form an indispensable part in all celebrations and no special occasion is complete without their significant presence.                                                 

Aptly can be called messengers: of love, happiness, beauty and togetherness. They are considered the best resort where words fail to convey feelings and thoughts. Be it in the form of Red Roses that stand as a symbol of LOVE since time immemorial, Lilies a test of the treasured friendship and Carnations symbolizing bonds of love, health and energy. An orchid, Tulips, Poppies, Marigolds, Jasmines, and Daffodils all convey a language of their own and have enchanted every soul.

Blessed with the timeless beauty; which reflects through the suppleness, the pleasant aroma and profound colours that they wear, they enjoy the full attention of the lovers and the poets alike. These serene beauties are awarded with legendary tales that form a vital part of our culture, tradition, religion and literature. So when no ritual or pooja is complete without them being offered to the Lord or no weddings or celebration done without the flower decorated to mark the beginning of a new story.

They have always fascinated and enthralled mankind with their invigorating power to drive away the darkness of despair and bring in the season of rejoice and merriment. They live short but they live long enough to give all the beauty, innocence, warmth and elegance to all. They do not bind themselves to the disparities of wealth, beauty or intelligence. It’s the best teaching that we all can imbibe from these “immortal beings” and create a colourful world of beautiful souls.

Let’s all invite the spring season with grace and allow it to shower its beauty and good luck!!!


Spring Season begins on the 21st day of March in the Northern Hemisphere and lasts until 22nd day of June.

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