Sunday, August 30, 2009

When Good Things Break !!

The stillness (read Hiatus) resulted in a respite; respite that offered me wonderful props to think & restore all the wonderful stories & tales. 5 months is too long a period not to see any new posting but it’s too short a time when you are coping up with many things simultaneously; without rest & peace....

It’s hard to resist the temptation to go down & pour everything onto the paper; so in spite of the circumstantial harshness that crippled me to carry out my endeavours I am again all get set ready with my musings.

As I begin to pen down the moments; it appears to me as if I am undergoing a manumit experience; it’s slow but it’s happening.......So, being a true paramour I succumb to all the loss of words during these past months & pronounce that may this LOSS be the biggest GAIN; gain not quantifiable or transitory!!


Pradip said...

It's a phase of life up and down.
but time is the best remeady for everything.
Everyone have diffrent circumtances according to his enviroment what he created with his emmotions and feelings.
But believe me my friend oneday you don't want to think one this topic when you'll have greator you can say very good relations.


achala nupur said...

Yes; very true !!

thanks Pradeep