Monday, September 14, 2009

Box of Crayons - mAGic !!

A box of crayons is the most amazing and wonderful creations....

You SEE them; you FEEL them; you LOVE them

The COLOURS start painting emotions

& all that you then see is



Rajnish said...


So you have a name that connects with white color..... but is it no color? White is made up all colors, isnt it? With this... Can I call you very very colorful!!!!!

A box of crayons with a thoughtful mind certainly makes for a wonderful creations. Can we say/express/smell/taste/feel colors? Arn't our emotions are intangible equivalent of colors? What do you say?

You would see that I am a natural critic. I see anything like "Post a comment" option and my flair for sarcasm awakens. :-)

I hope you won't mind instead tend to like the style. ~~~~

Rajnish said...

From cheeky quotes:
This one is for me :-)
I certainly do not drink all the time. I have to sleep you know.

W.C. Fields

achala nupur said...

i wud love my musings to be judged by "a NaTuraL CriTic...."
they come out from a very first-hand-at-writings- kind.... n hence wud love to accommodate something that is missed out....

n vaise bhi U are the reader; so as soon as the post is published.... it ceases to BE ALL MINE... n u all take over to the reigns to incorporate changes to make it appear more beautiful and meaningful... !!