Friday, September 4, 2009

The Penultimate Pleasure !!

Cheers !!

The journey towards the mystical conversion of the simple & compelling round shaped grapes into a smooth & soothing liquid is a miracle. A miracle that marks a profound start; of a legacy of aficionados who would religiously indulge in the extravagance; years to follow!!

The growing of the grapes in the vineyards to the plucking of the best clusters; to carrying them in wooden casks & then keeping them hushed under proper temperature to ferment.....for too long days is a process that in itself marks the beginning of a history that matures within itself. It brings with it tales and stories untold & forgotten from the people who may not live to see the mysterious beauty that is has turned into....

Ethereal wonder is wine; why?? B’coz seeing the fruit hanging there on the vine & then savouring it in the glass is truly a spiritual ritual... it’s amazing! This is what the numerous wine lovers say in unison.

The gorgeous liquid in sanguine red would put all women to shame with the smoothness & the subtlety with which it lays itself seductive free in the glass!!!Seductive free is a state where in you let go off the seduction power not b’coz u are not capable of it but b’coz u do not need it anymore; everything falls at its place as they were meant to, & you feel free. You gain what you wish to without even a slightest move!!!”

We can have relationships with wine; & I'm not talking about dependence. We can have meaningful, personal relationships with wine that grow & change. One of the most profound aspects of enjoying wine is the opportunity to see it evolve over time. It can be defined as the perfect connection to the world that was; the sunshine, the rains & the smelling flowers which bear the testimony of the time when the wine was getting ready for a cerebral makeover which would take ages & ages. The mysteries soon scatter as soon as the wine is unbolted to reveal the secrets, gathering all aficionados & thus ready to pen another success story; a story of perfect taste & camaraderie, love & peace...

So, the next time when you pour out wine in a glass n raise a toast to the wonderful taste...just pause n give a thoughtful remembrance to the rich analogy of culture & epoch that flows out/ oozes out of the bottle with a temptation hard to resist!! :)

Wine are not only wine; older ones can offer glimpses of times we will never see, & evoke nostalgia and dreams of a fantastic sort. No matter what its age, when we finally open the bottle & it tastes different than it did some time ago, it's never clear whether it's the wine that is different this time, or whether it is us.....

But, the crux of all this writing is to bring forth to all the readers the quintessential lesson of thoughts that is evoked if we try to gauge the similarity of a wine to that of our life;

< One should try to emulate the wine in such ways as to continue evolving & gaining complexity throughout our life. To put this simpler: AGE in style & with such panache that when you are finally ready for a decline, you have a perfect taste & colour that is distinctively YOURS!!! >


Ajay Kr Saxena said...

Thts some analogy. Great flow and perfect finish of a wonderful article !!!
Raise a toast of wine for your creative writing !!

achala nupur said...

Cheers !!!

~~Muchas Gracias :)

Rajnish said...

wow!! A literary feat, so it is..

Have you SMELT the fermentation of WINE? The FERMENTATION is symbol of human transformation.

And smelling different classes of wines is a pleasure... we see many wines -the wine of delight in colour and form and taste.

Lage raho>>>

renu said...

Wow!!flawless writing..way to go lady...Cheers..

Priyanka said...

Hey achala..

Watta a vignette of an amazing fruit.. M sure after reading this piece... all who are lovers of wine will applaud to their choice and those who’ve not will wonder what they ‘ve missed… ;)

achala nupur said...

yep Priyanka !!! that's well said... the purpose of the writing is jus to bridge the road to "WHAT we LOVE to HAVE n WHAT that thing does to MAKE ur LIFE more B'ful n worth Living !!"

achala nupur said...

@ Renu
Thanks a BUNCH sweety!!

its always a DELIGHT to have u guys in my life..... be always there !!
Amen !!

achala nupur said...

Rajneesh !!

hey i am SORRY; but have not yet afforded the luxury of TAST-ing "WINE !"
n yes.. FERMENTATION is truly a paragon of a NEW BEGINNING... :):)
i wud love to indulge in "The PENULTIMATE PLEASURE --- to smell n taste; WINE !!"

--- GOD Gracious!!