Monday, November 16, 2009

Jiffy pleasures !!

Yes, I am talking about the pleasures that come to you in a tick, lasts for a moment, just for a minute an instant cup of coffee that carries with it the soothing powers incomparable but which ends with a beautiful smile in the heart & soul!!

It started with a waggish attempt, just to play with the keys in my laptop when i noticed myself sketching a few lines here & there. The result after a few patient 1 ½ hours came out to be a zany little thing which I called “straight from the heart” and a big smile of gratification.

So, I am now richer with my jiffy experiences giving tremendous amount of pleasures to me and which I know would never be possible had I prepared before hand for the sketch to come out of my creativity box.

Enjoy the “jiff sketch” n just get started also to experience such a thing yourself....


Rajnish said...


So like a wink .... and to give me longer than jiffy bad feelings you have forgotten me. :(

Jiffy connection we had!! our meetings were for only jiffy moments!! But we of course chatted for many dozens of hours!

Now things are over and i wont get to see your calls. (bad of me)

Managing connection with a girl is always difficult and i could see this difficulty prominently!!

arj kiya hai:
"Hum hain mushtaq aur wo bejar
ya ilahi ye majra kya hai!!"

So this comment to will be unanswered?? and I still wont get to hear songs in your sweetest voice.

Ajay Kr Saxena said...

This is what I say flow naturally. Keep on flowing like this.