Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fleur-de-lis !!


Yes, these reactions are imperative when you see these “Blooming-Blossoms”. I too was astounded by these wonderful creations; their seductive display of the bright colors, the turns in the petals zooming outwards and the stamens with BIG anthers hanging beautifully in the centre..... This truly demands a mention in my “Orange-Blossom – paragon of eternal love & fruitfulness” and I am already feeling flowery when write about them.....!! :)

I was thrilled to know that “LILIES” are of whites, yellows, oranges, pinks, reds and purples; all displaying ludic strokes from the creator’s palette. The elegant flower stands as symbol of joy, new hope and new life; just stare at these beauties and I am sure you all will shake a YES-head in unison. :)

“Six broad corollas, perfectly folded and fitted, stretching their arms outwards as if opening them for you to embrace them; big and beautiful anthers placed at the tip of the long stamens truly entices you to touch, feel and get fascinated by their charm and finally the way they appear bend and bowed down willingly, giving it all, on the green stalk leave us startled and astounded”.

The flower stands depicting the perfect rendition of simplicity and grandeur that is glorified by every aspect of it. I feel good and invigorated by these creations and SMILE profusely thinking that I too was named after such jocund beings; “LILY” as we are proudly called as a family... :)

I thank GOD and wish that I too inherit a share of their love and opulence!!

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