Friday, December 25, 2009

MeRRy ChRisTmAs !!

ChRisTmAs celebrations fill the air; everything appearing softer, more beautiful & lovely with dash of ReD spilled all over, as if someone has waved a magic wand over the earth. We find ourselves enmeshed in the holiday season; with gifts, family and friends all wrapped in each other.....!!

“It is ChRisTmAs in the hEARt that puts ChRisTmAs in the air; a conspiracy that engages every being to LoVE, LaUGhter n LoNgiNgs....! It’s the finish of the year, wrapping us all in a blanket; feeling warmth & affection of the passing moments that come to us, honey-coated......

I wish you ALL a MeRRy ChRisTmAs : with jingle of bells & carols, smell of cakes & donuts; full of pleasures and memories to treasure.... !! :)

I wish to Santa to grant me the power to assemble ChRisTmAs SpiRiT in jars & open it every time I wish to iterate joy, laughter, love n light all around. :) ;

amen !! ~~~


Rajnish said...

Hey Sweetie!!

Why I could not avoided writing a comment on this article written with classic tenderness which I always long for?? Probably you got to tell me how to forget a person!!


achala nupur said...

"classic tenderness"

---that is sure a magnificent way to end this year's postings....if my writings reflect the similar style and flavor... :)

Thanks, !!

I promise to bring forth more "classics - with tenderness accompanied" to this blogging rink.....where i am born as a creator !! ~~