Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Play-FuLL !!

“Play-FuLL” is what i call my new creation; for the simple reason that I was in this state through-out; from the moment it started till its end.

A little history tied to this:

“I started this affair with all the involvement, indulgence, attention n patience that I could gather only to find out that it soon got destroyed; there n then...!! There is a little -- 3 years boy who fancies my laptop as a theatrical extension wherein he can enjoy his share of the movies [nemo, kung-fu panda, bug’s life and other animated versions to the list that counts to some of his favourites!]

So, if his attention draws him to the fact that I have my lappy working, he begins to get me moving to show him his share of the entertainment pie. He will not in any way allow you to engage in ur work if he is denied permission...so with this happenings I just managed to paint BLaCK all over; going against the winds [child is no less than the blowing wind; makes u perspire if you walk against its force....] and was left with the MOSTLY BLaCK piece of art. I later found that the outcome was not as bad as I thought and therefore decided to share with you all in its original form...!

Thought provoking thing is that this episode made me realise that sometimes it isn’t too bad to turn and go in the opposite way, becoz u never know what is there in store for you. I have now all my fears erased and wiped out and ready to give myself a new horizon to explore, which I previously dreaded to tread upon....!!

P.S : Chaos and pandemonium also leads to tranquillity and peace; most of the time !!


alok said...

"child is no less than a wind.......", liked the lines. it is a superb quote and rather every lines were nicely written.

achala nupur said...

Thanks a bunch !!

i hope to create more such "rEAdiNgs" .....now that i am aware, i have wonderful individuals like you as my audience.... :)

Ajay Kr Saxena said...

One day, when you will be finished of your paintings or after you do a lot of painting, I tell you a very beautiful secret of these paintings, till then.. keep it coming..

Rajnish said...

Do this abandoned [:-)] friend of yours has any right to write a critique?

I too was painting and white color spilled over the canvas and after some efforts the result was:

This is a link

"Creativity lies in hiding the source." They say!!! So this pLaY-fOoL painting looks cool.

You're looking pretty in profile picture :-D


Rajnish said...


The right word selection makes the article readable. and We use synonyms, sometimes. But you intended by using synonyms of different words in a single sentence!!!

(Chaos and pandemonium also leads to tranquillity and peace; most of the time !!)

What about Jagjeet Singh singing specially for you, sometime on someday?? I learned some more poetry of the legendary "Daag Dahelvi" - are you interested?

achala nupur said...


Truly agree with you that the "right word selection" is what makes the article "readable".

While i write, i always try n fit in those words that go with my line of thoughts and at the same time enables the readers to link with what i wanna convey..... :)

I always love to experiment with the usage of the words in a different manner...its like preparing a cuisine, with new ingredients but keeping the same taste and flavor.... :)

So, i used "Chaos and pandemonium" with "tranquillity and peace" == which is two sets of synonyms.

These sounds great and i wanted a special "EMPHASIS" on the above philosophy, which came out GOOD with the two sets of words...

In fact, you will find more such usages in my writings....i will put thus: its MY signature STYLE !!!
:) ~~