Sunday, January 31, 2010

Earnest Attempt !!

My new painting is an “earnest attempt” to be again close to the wonderful natural living habitat and paint and post them in my blog. The rendition in the form of a colourful and green frame is a perfect way of unfolding the hours of the weekend, which otherwise pass on lazily; but after this I have reasons to smile and feel elated.

I have noticed it often that when I have nothing to engage myself into and a feeling of boredom starts cropping up; it is then that I open my inner conscience to draw, sketch n paint. Hence, I end up seeing myself painting, choosing colors to spill all over and create a “work of art”; and hurray as all boredom gets locked and sealed in a box to be thrown and abolished.... :)

The very best and enthralling bargain, I must say.....!! ~~~~

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