Friday, January 15, 2010

Patang !!

Two pieces of bamboo joined together, a scrap of tissue paper in a diamond shape & a long cotton thread attached to it; all this represents mundane paraphernalia but when this is injected with the “BRIGHTEST COLORS” into the air, it resembles a huge swaying bird darting in the bright blue sky with its tail flowing behind. The sight is worth gazing and would leave all astounded......Kites truly conjure happy images of childhood. :)

It’s a symbol of a superb machine that is capable of flying, flying high, very high and responding perfectly to the flyers’ manoeuvring talent. It’s a fragile creation & hence it needs excellent skills and patience, mastered with practice to see this magnificent thing flying and zooming up in the air….

I see “Kite” stand as “my untamed desires”, brimming out of me, & soaring high up here into the blue and there after completing its share of the journey, settle & calm down, tired and sometimes defeated…! :)

On special occasions like “Uttarayan”, it’s not surprising to see millions of “colourful creatures” up in the sky, struggling to keep it higher, flowing against the mighty wind & fight for the top slot in the blue world. The scene is similar below on the ground where-in the flyers compete with each other; displaying great dexterous skills. It’s all about proper co-ordination, togetherness & keeping track of the details, that decides the winner….

The day marks the transition of the sun into the Northern Hemisphere & hence a new beginning, inspiring all of us to look up into the limitless sky, dropping worries & letting our soul soar up in the air, without any defined boundaries.

Have a wonderful and victorious Makar Sankranti --- Uttarayan…….!!

Happy FLYING & as they all say in Marathi "til gud ghya, god god bola" which means henceforth, let there be only friendship & good thoughts between us......!! ~~


vru said...

I like tha way u describe the festival uttrayan and mention such a amazing relationship between tha four things ie.. sky,kite and flyer and thread if anyone of is not there its look like fish without water. so carry on with ur stuff thankz for a gift ...

achala nupur said...

the pleasure rests on me.... !! ~~

n i am glad u liked it....:)

Vimal said...

Hey... really nice way to describe MahaSankranti!!!!