Saturday, February 20, 2010

"CloUdy-affair" !!

Yes, you all heard it right; my new post is a “Cloudy-Affair”; bringing with it all innate characteristics of a cloud. I will explain it in details.

When I started off with this painting, I was in a state of preparing and planning for my visit to my home after a few days. So, with travelling on my mind and busy collecting the required paraphernalia for carrying them to family, I found myself turned into a “CLOUD”; carefree n ready to get set and go for the journey ahead, the journey that will bring in memories to saviour for the rest of my passing days. Thus a “CLOUDY-AFFAIR” began and I ended up spreading white, feathery-like enormous “CLOUDS” all over the blues...... :)

I loved it, as I drew one of the most spectacular creations of nature, smooth n easy, holding loads of fun as it can appear in any shape or size, I needn’t bother much!! The bigger ones reflect more vivacity and cheerfulness than the smaller ones and therefore i chose them more in my art piece. :)

The “white” on the “blue” makes it a visual treat as well as a serene gift for the heart. A perfect blend of two “lighter-shades” makes it so beautifully “heavy" on paintings that it needs no help of other “darker-shades” to create an impact.

I am also elated by the hidden gyaan that follows this exercise and thus expose us to a brooding-session. Let me serve it like this: the “lighter-whiter and flying higher n higher” clouds, seen floating on the sky above is ALL but YOU & ME; bracing momentum to rise to heights where tranquillity and laughter prevails. We all appear collected and collaged; in a state where in we all walk in unison, heading towards a novel abode.

“White-feathery Clouds” promises bright-sunny days ahead and what better way to end this blog post by saying that “May EACH CLOUD in US be filled with unlimited zest and zeal!

Amen !! ~~~


alok said...

Hi achala!!

The best blog of yours i ve ever read. Let me tell you why? It gives me an impact of acquiring more and more like what clouds carry in itself, be it fun or happiness.

I ll also say that "May each cloud in us be filled with unlimited zeal and entuhsiasm.

- alok

Rajnish said...


You love writing posts and I love reading, re-reading and commenting on each post... :D

In a time when I'm completely running out of motivation, energy and purpose, this post made me feel good. Thanks to you.

La Joie de Vivere!! Have FUN babe...