Wednesday, February 3, 2010

" Sun-Rise " !!

“Sun-Rise” is my next effort towards bringing awe-inspiring and splendid forms of vision to be produced and posted in my blog.

A hushed affair which begins to grow gradually, pronouncing the coming of the MIGHTY SUN, carrying abundance of light and heat for all living beings and in turn shunning all the darkness of the by-gone night. “Sun-Rise” seems a "gift-factory" of BOLD colors being aesthetically decorated and adorned with; a marvel in itself as you will never; never see the same pattern or the same combination of colors.
There are umpteen designs to cater to the audience; each-day, everyday......and “today” seems as fresh and enriching as “yesterday”. You are never tied to repetition or duplication of any sort !!

So, I aptly name it “Gift-factory”. :)
“Gift” b’coz it’s a spectacular moment to see hue of oranges, reds yellows, sprinkled to charm and delight and a “factory” b’coz it can never go empty...!!!
WOW woww !

“Sun-Rise”, therefore is truly a miracle and handy lesson well taught; to colors aficionados like me who is always amazed by the supremacy of the colors; the way they stimulate you to see and feel beautiful and healthy and thus expose you to vibrancy and vivacity; joie de vivre !! ~~


Ajay Kr Saxena said...

Zindagi bhor hai , Sooraj se nikalte rahiye !
had read it somewhere in my school dayz !! wonderful blog as well as painting !

Rajnish said...

"Gift Factory" idea is fantastic, loving it! Forever spreading sweetness and smiles, YOU too are a gift factory. :D :D

Now I know the "originality" of sunrise. I am humbled as well as amazed by the creative efforts!

Rajnish said...

The title of your blog is - "paragon of innocence, eternal love n fruitfulness."

Please remove the full stop fromt his title...

Here full stop is looking so wrong!!

Preeti Edul said...

Hey Achala, That is an amazing drawing.. Really like the color blending ! Where did you draw this ? Computer ? Paper ?

Also, great to see so many of your posts ! You have kept up the blogging ! Way to go :)

I was searching for Priyanka's and Rajeevs wedding page (lost it!) and I found you ! :D I think she is getting married today, isn't she ?

Wish her all the best! Where are you now ? And how are you doing ?