Sunday, March 28, 2010

CraYoNiNg DrEAmSs !!

Sunday arrives with sleepy, dreamy eyes, so intoxicating that you cannot refrain from succumbing to its wishful desires. Yes, when I say this I am narrating my plight; b’coz I am easy, much disciplined & most desirable victim available in handy (I say this as an appreciation as you won’t find a sleep aficionado as strong as myself on this earth) sleep enters in me; without prior appointment or on the spur permission...............with loads of DrEAmSs n MOrRe DrEAmSs!! :)

I lay there calm & quiet, fully pacified with the SuNDay-dOsE of sleep injection; the transfusion button showing: SwiTcHed On! :)

But, the twist or as I prefer calling it, a fascinating angle to the story begins here. This time, when I was SuNDay-DrEaMiNg, I did not shop for the colourful n classy clothes or the beautiful piece of jewellery and scarf that idyllically matched or that perfect pair of slipper and bag to flaunt, that I was looking out for ages....! :)

Sadly disgraced by my shopping-urges, that was showing signs of debilitating vitality; I was worried!

But not for too long.......I instantly recovered & found another strong vein attached to my heart, my fascination for colours & which was responsible for my coming back to action again. :) I was seen travelling through the lanes of pastel crayons of blues, greens, reds & browns; zooming large and wide; could not resist myself & thus ended up buying a colourful box of crayons & a sketch book!

Happy n contented with my spree purchase & temporary shift in my “shopping–urge”, I managed today to spill some colourful traces on the white paper with pastel crayons which I aptly now call as “SurViVal-TaBLets”. Sample this: when you are tired of the mundane set of activities around you; shopping, television or bantering with friends; go ahead and treat yourself with these tablets and you will end up “CraYoNiNg DrEAmSs...”.I guarantee that you will enjoy it thoroughly!

The crayons appear simple n child-like; but they are not at all easy to use. I today helped myself with a simpler version and found that I will have to refer to some expert tips and guidance so that I am able to create “CraYoNiNg-WoNders”.

Bbye & see you all soon; till then HaPPy CraYoNiNg!!

Caveat: SuNDay starts with extending the sleep & dreaming MoRe but ends in “DrEAmSs” emerging into a real self!


Ajay Kr Saxena said...

Survival-tablets is a beautiful word.. pure,genuine and totally original..loved it :)

Preeti Edul said...

Nicely written. I agree completely. Of all the coloring mediums, I simply adore pastels. And as you said, it is not as easy as it looks :) It has a childlike feel and yet artists around the world have created masterpieces with it. Keep up the good work :)