Monday, May 17, 2010

GuL-MoHar in ToWn !!

Sunday gives me an opportunity to gaze at things, endlessly and thus derive blissful pleasures out of it, as there is no hurry to catch a train or reach to places on time set forth for the prior appointments. On this day I am as lazy as could be and I thoroughly enjoy being in this state.... :)

So, gazing through this Sunday, I stumbled on the “dashes-of-REdS” thrown all over, by the blooming gul-mohars. I was amazed and delighted by the scenic beauty and in no second found myself capturing the panoramic view through the lens of my camera....!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The city seemed peacefully enjoying the “SuNdaY-aFterNoon” as well and so I quietly decided to bring it too into my frames. I managed a few lovely pieces of the marvellous looking giant city standing tall and spectacular; with greenery and colourful flowers to match the decor.

It was a dream-sight, depicting a flourishing human-kind; free from all tangles of pollution, global warming, habitat destruction and the alarming extinction of species.....I pray that this luxury of seeing the city in such rich & healthy state is NOT an exaggerated affair, a few years down the lane.... :(

Enjoy, but take good care too....!!


Ajay Kr Saxena said...

Great Shots.. as always :)

Piyush said...

When did you develop this hobby?

achala nupur said...

@ Piyush:

whn i became a "proud-owner" of my Sony cyber-shot !! :D

Hey, it's alwayz fun to explore new things n even though i am a learner, i am enjoying it to the core....

Watch out for MoRE....soooon !!

Anonymous said...

Hey is that shot from out window in Tridev ? I especially like the last pic ! Do upload some more pics of mumbai.. i miss that city so much ! :) take care... !