Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RoNnd of AppLause !!

“All is nothing, therefore nothing must end” said Christy Brown in the epic tale of his own life “My Left Foot” – a true Story about life, laughter, and the occasional miracle, which is also adapted as a screenplay going by the same title and catering to a larger audience.

I got an opportunity today to add on my name to the list of aficionados who has previously admired and still continues to do so after watching the well directed movie. The story is an autobiographical narration by Christy Brown of his childhood days, then growing up to an adult and the struggles that clung to him till the time he becomes a celebrated painter, a poet and a writer.

Christy Brown is a strong child that survived 13 among 22 other children born on the same day only to be afflicted with cerebral palsy, a condition in which he is able to control the movement of his left foot only. He is placed under the wings of a “strong-willed” mother who had unmoved faith in her child who is otherwise considered to be retarded by all others.

It’s a marvel and now a belief that when one is incapacitated, he is in return rewarded with one thing that is capable of much more. Christy was thus rewarded with the “Left Foot”, the only part of his body that was capable of movements and enough for him to make paintings that left the audiences speechless.

Christy is a beautiful soul, carrying within himself a mind, brilliant in intelligence and powerful in beliefs that helped create wonderful piece of writings and paintings. The rainbow emerges only when there are rain-drops coupled with the sun-rays beaming through them and Christy in no circumstances allowed his crippled-state to deter him from delivering excellence; but fantastically shredded all thoughts that surfaced over his beliefs.....!

The movie is a classic with brilliant performances and is truly a visual treat that stays on with you till the end when Christy proposes to Mary in a signature style with “his Left Foot” and they both happily decide to share their life together....

There are many more scenes that is well-directed and superbly performed.....I would love to narrate them all but then you would miss your share of surprises and admirations that will follow....! :)


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Wow!! I am downloading the movie :)

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