Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Drawing around !!

I had nothing to do this monsoon-evening, so decided to draw in the bargain.

It took me a total of 2 hours to think, sketch, decide on the colours and then click a photograph of the same. And only 2 minutes to post this crayon-drawing.....! :)


Ajay Kr Saxena said...

Tumhare ghar ke pados mein dariya behta hai.
Tumhare ghar ke aangan mein koi
kavita kehta hai

achala nupur said...

Yeh sab sach hai....

isliye, sabko mera ghar;
"sabse khoobsurat dikhta hai" !


Rajnish said...

I see three huts.... Which one is mine and which one is yours!!!


And Pleasurably I see aggression in you!!!! When do you see red mountains...

achala nupur said...

I am sorry; but the house is an interpretation of my imagination......there only resides my "inner-self" !!

:D vaise, why do ya wannna live in a hut.....go concrete, dear
he he he

The mountains are brown in color n not red.... :)

achala nupur said...

n "aggression", depicted by the color RED is only a deeper degree of an emotion.....

I love anything "DEEPER-in-degree"......ready to surpass its limitations... :)

~~ !

Shekar Salvi said...

Hey Achala I have read ur blog, its amazing for sure

vibhor said...

hi achala,kabhi na rone ka daava karne wali in ankho nai bhi ab ronaa sekh liya hai,,,,, shayd hum phir mil sake ,,,ill wait
vibhor roy jha
tumhaara ph aayega ise ummed par bhej rahaa hu

achala nupur said...

@ Salvi:

Thanks dear !
I am buying the compliment with pleasure b'coz it comes from a very creative and talented source. :)

P.S: your comment is encouraging enough to make me post more....