Monday, July 26, 2010

Loved "HER" !!

Growing up is easy.....too easy, you just have to wait; wait patiently for years to move on.....! :)

It’s an endearing journey; giving out aromas similar to the brown baked cookies – fresh out of the oven. The journey; always adorning itself with humour and a little sadness, is fulfilling with scrumptious conversations and tales of life n longing. ~ :)

I am on-to one such awesome journey and today decided to open-up layers of yester-years.

Thus, sharing with you all, a collage created out of a ludic action, resembling a cheerful child. I love myself, mOre; when I see moments of joy, laughter and innocence, perfectly captured through these lovely snaps.

It’s a fondness that grows by each passing day of the year.....! :)


Ajay Kr Saxena said...

Different manifestations of one ... Aye achala.. tu lagti hai ghapla :)

achala nupur said...



Preets said...

cute :)... you look so different then and now.. can't find any resemblance .. is that truly you ;)