Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tatting Touch !!

Yesterday, I battled with time for an unusual gift :)

It all started when I picked up a gorgeous white shining thread, inviting me with all innocence and love which I failed to resist, completely. Thus, loaded myself with excitement & charm and geared myself to turn the design born in my conscience into a cheerful child-like-form.

I started with wings of desire; tying them with a knot to the end of the thread. It appeared a beautiful playful rink; full of circular motifs, twisted & turned & bend to perfection. As and when, I pulled the thread to complete the blooming-flower motif; I smiled with joy & admiration, for myself......of course ;)

All my energy coagulated to creating the fantastic piece of white-wonder and I completed the entire tatting lace today, which is now posted in-here for public viewing :)

I spent blissful moments, creating this lace and thus rewarded myself with incomparable and delight-full present.

~~ :)

I could’nt decide which one of the two pictures, best reflects my creativity. It appeared to me that the lace looked awesome, falling from the left as well as the right side.... ;)

If you can decide; let me know.....! I am thus leaving you all with a twin-treat, today. Enjoy ! :)


Rajnish said...

This can find use in Nakshatra diamond jewellery advertisement!!!!! So good.........

Ajay Kr Saxena said...

Each of them are as they should be :)

Preets said...

wow.. just wow.. it looks totally professional.. you should really consider doing a side-profession out of this.. not everyone has the talent and patience..

what i really like is how consistent it is through out.. ! don't underestimate your talent !