Monday, March 21, 2011

Settling to thoughts !!

I have not written any post lately. I did not intent to do so; I was tired, exhausted and felt debilitated. Sojourning in a place which fills me with profound energy and valour is the best activity I have indulged myself into. I have thus started to pen down stories that make way to be posted in my blog.

I logged in to and the look that it wore, turned me to tears. My little baby, I realized was not touched for months.....

I felt guilty and so decided to shop for it a brand new dress (read blog-post) in this season. Though it's been eights months only, but to regain the influx of thoughts flowing in to transfer them on to the paper is appearing tough. But, I promise I am not giving it soon :)


Priyanka said...

Good ..:) Keep goin ~!

Preeti Edul said...

Welcome Back ! Good to see a blog post ! Why not post pictures of the art and craft work you do when you're too bored to write a post ? That would keep it going :) !

achala nupur said...

yeah Preeti.... :)

that's a fantastic idea...I will definitely incorporate this....soon !