Thursday, December 15, 2011

DeLight-fuLL !

I had crafted this “tatting-flower”, just like dis, in an attempt to create something new. I used a thread, colourful to sight with dark-pink, baby-pink n white colors, arranged alternatively. Lastly, I finished it with a green stem, which made it appear freshly picked n placed on the sheet.

I was happy & contented seeing the lovely-little flower, days n days after it was created first. I realized, the beauty of my creation lies more in the fact that it is incapable of withering away, quietly being there, for always.

I realised more thus; maybe I will not be there, always, to gaze it as a spectator though.......!


Ajay Kr Saxena said...

Mujhe ek aur chahiye :)

achala nupur said...

Sure, Ajay !
"This little flo-wer, from dis day yours!"

keep blooming wid it too :)

- chidiyaa !