Monday, December 26, 2011

SpEcT-a-CuLaR !

Captured this living creature in its most amazing form..............silently lying down, slowly n steadily moving an inch, sometimes. The caterpillar enjoys most of its little time that it is granted, brilliantly; doing what it loves the most. As it eats n eats, preparing itself for a transformation that will turn it to a “Spect-a-cular” creature; adding colours, sheen n wings to it!

When I adjusted my camera lens to capture this beauty, I was wondering that a few weeks later, this crawling being would re-appear in the garden “living” its life again, fluttering here n there, flaunting deep, bright colors, reflecting celebration of a different kind.

Hope to see ya soon, dear caterpillar! :)


Ajay Kr Saxena said...

Mai bhee caterpillar hoon :)

achala nupur said...

ha ha !
yep, sure you are one....:)

"all, get-set-ready, for a make-over with colorful, dazzling.....