Monday, February 13, 2012

MaTe-FoR-eaCh-OtHeR ...... ;) !

Captured this breath-taking essence of love-making by two-lovely “PINK” blooming flowers today evening! ;)

The big petals appeared opening themselves wide, to the other; holding, caressing, feeling each other.....oblivious to the noise and chaos surrounding them.

They seemed to be in a state of spiritual BLISS; pacified with joy & ecstasy.

Breeze blowing smoothly, birds chirping around & the sun silently setting itself, leaving behind dashes of pinks, oranges & reds........all offered a rare panorama setting.

I watched in awe the crafting of two souls together, with threads of love, longing & desires.

The two appeared to have delightfully given to each other, for that moment and beyond......!

I wish to be gifted and adorned with similar flow of passions this loving season........! :)


Ajay Kr Saxena said...

आँखें खुलने लगी है तुम्हारी...:)

achala nupur said...

कोशिश है थोड़ी सी.....:)
ना जाने क्यों, बहुत अच्छा feel कर रही हूँ !!