Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So-jOURN-ing !!

Yes, "WE" are on a "Holiday-Spree" ! :)
My-self & I

Sitting-back, relaxing, talking & laughing with each other, most of the time.

"We" just enjoy being with each other.
Bathed & drenched with stories from childhood, picking crayons, tatting-threads & water-colors, enjoying chirping & blooming flowers, playing with camera lens & bantering out secrets over a cup of coffee........

So flaunting that "flawless Smile" on my face
is a special way of validating our flourishing relation-ship; a relation-ship with "inner-Me". :)

1 comment:

achala nupur said...

They say.....
"love" doing what you do the best, n you'll notice that life is colorful n enduring as a "shiny-bright-rainbow".

I am presently, creating & painting my rainbow with colors of joy & delight.....!