Monday, August 27, 2012

Ri-pp-Le !! :)

Wearing a black attire
Mascara in eyes.......

I Smile,
A little dimple on cheek, appears
Made of honey!

I flaunt,
A silver coloured heart,
Embroidered with peace!

I succumb,
To my loose falling, curls
Settling perfectly on me!

I adore,
A dream under shinning stars, still
Twinkling in my eyes!

I paint,
Memories of yesterdays, with
Pastels of colors and art taught by garden butterflies

I wait,
Sitting at the corner, for
The ‘Big FuLL MooN’ to silently, walk down to me

Kiss me with his eyes....sitting beside me
Palpitations galore! ;)



Ajay Kr Saxena said...

Speechless !!! ..the scented words.. proud of U :)

achala nupur said...

The "BIG HaLf MooN" came in.....n :* kissed me with his eyes... ! :)

Still, i am waiting for the "Big FuLL MooN" arrive :)

Though, i am happ:)yy with the ..... !!


Rupa said...

beautiful lines....

Vimal Chand said...

Beautiful description :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!great work!!Wish I could write like you!!
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