Sunday, October 14, 2012

खिलते हुए !! :)

My previous post relates to opening up, opening up to your heart and prettifying it with colors of a ‘NeW sEaSoN’. The heart, which was enveloped with inhibitions, now gets exposed to the freedom, leading it to turn up and see the ‘blue’ sky, ‘yellow’ sun and ‘green’ leaf.

‘Blue’, ‘yellow’ and ‘green’ does not only signify strong colors but also ‘true’ colors, for things to which they are always associated to. You explain the sky with color ‘blue’, the sun with ‘a yellow’ and a leaf with ‘a green’.

“OpeNing up” things to their ‘tRuE’ colors, make them glow with such pristine beauty like never before, leaving you in awe. It’s a treat to just ‘feel’ the ongoing progression, silently, with no noise at all, resulting in a full-bloom.

Just like a flower that opens up to the fresh air, the sunlight and turns into a marvel..! :)

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